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We have further developed AKEPUR 250 HIGH TACK in such a way that it surpasses its predecessors 230 and 240 in all properties: the initial adhesion is very high, nevertheless bonded elements can be moved and adjusted in the optimal position.

The short working time of 3 to 5 minutes was taken over by the predecessor AKEPUR 240 FAST. The transportability, so to speak the resting time which the adhesive needs, was shortened to 20 to 25 minutes so that further processing or assembly can be made as fast as possible.

We are convinced that our new development offers an optimum in terms of processing time on the one hand and processing properties of the bonding on the other hand.

AKEPUR 250 HIGH TACK is availble in two colours: white (11488) and black (11489), each in a 2-component cartridge of 920 g. You will find the suitable skeleton gun manual 600 (11479) and the compressed air gun (11478) as an accessory.

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