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JOLLYNATOR-Application Tool System

JOLLYNATOR-Shaping tool

  • the angled and patented front ensures easy, clean and stable guidance over the edge

  • presses and models the COLOUR BOND P+ evenly and without air pockets into the joint

  • faster creation of the Jolly-edges

  • available as Set 90° (1 shaping tool 90°, 1 cleaning tool 90°, Art. No. 30290)

  • available as Set 135° (1 shaping tool 135°, 1 cleaning tool 135°, Art. No. 30291)

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JOLLYNATOR-Cleaning Tool

  • enables faster continuation of work with the JOLLYNATOR-Shaping Tool

  • contained in the JOLLYNATOR-Set 90° and JOLLYNATOR-Set 135° (see above)

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JOLLYNATOR-Mixing Nozzle Tip

  • perfect guidance over the edge

  • the 90° notch enables optimal and precise filling of the joints

  • low material loss

  • available 12 pcs. in bag (Art. No. 14038)

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