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AKEMI Spectrum Pastes

For decades the colouring pastes for marble fillers are popular with masons for matching the colour of adhesives or fillers to the stone joint. These basic shades of colour can be mixed with each other.

AKEMI is now going even further with the new development of the SPECTRUM PASTES for the PLATINUM adhesive based on epoxyacrylate.

The user no longer has to mix the colouring pastes by himself but he can revert to a complete colour system with 48 pre-mixed colours. By using the colour charts (easily accessible on our website) the appropriate paste can be found via a colour code for numerous natural and artificial stones as well as large-size ceramics.

The spectrum pastes can be stored for three years and allow a convenient colouring of high repeat accuracy of the PLATINUM adhesive for every stone.

The paste system is also available as a set in a functional case (Art.No. 11600).

For further information on the spectrum pastes please have a look at our flyer on our website.

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