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Mandatory training for certain PUR adhesives in the E.U.

Mandatory training for certain PUR adhesives in the E.U.
For safe handling of these products

  • Mandatory training was determined as a part of the REACH Regulation for the industrial and commercial sector.

  • The training is mandatory for products containing diisocyanates (with a total concentration of monomeric diisocyanate of >0.1%). Currently, the following AKEMI® products are affected:

    BS 220 Silicate Repair Resin
    PR Speed 1 Min
    PU Flex Fast
    PU Primer Black

  • The online training must be completed by 24th August 2023. Validity of the certificate: 5 years, documented proof of the training is required.

  • There is no mandatory training when buying or selling the products. However, the retailers must make sure the information is provided to the users of affected PUR products.

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